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God Sustains Us

January 6, 2021

{Twelve Drummers are Drumming}

Since we returned to in-person worship, we have had no reported cases of Covid-19 having anything to do with worship here at Covenant Church. Praise God for that. We continue to be careful and cautious. I especially appreciate how responsible you are about self-monitoring and appropriate behavior modification. As always, we will keep you updated on any changes in the situation here at Covenant Church.

We are now at the time of year when we nominate and elect church officers. We will make any temporary adjustments necessary as our Nominating Committee moves through the process. From our inception, Covenant Church has been quite adept at improvising, adapting, and overcoming. God sustains us in and through all things!

Apparently, the Congressman {also an ordained Methodist minister} who prayed to open a session of the House of Representatives, said, “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and ‘God’ known by many names by many different faiths." Yikes. Is that worse than how he signed off, "amen and awoman"?

Since Congress has embraced language inclusion, will they pass legislation for a nationwide mask mandate and womandate? Just wondering, linguistically speaking.

Does anyone else get the feeling that we are devolving, not evolving?

Saw a headline the other day from "The Babylon Bee":

2020 Rated Worst Year Ever, Provided You Never Lived At Any

Other Time In History

And it got me thinking {a danger in and of itself} about how weary I grew of hearing people say what a horrible year 2020 was and how they couldn't wait for it to be over, as if the turn of a calendar page held some sort of magical power. In the course of human history, I doubt 2020 would rate in the top 1000 for worst year ever.

"Long before time began, or space was created, God had written upon His heart the names of his elect people." {Charles Spurgeon} And so, Samuel Sey beautifully observes:

I've been thinking all about the events in my life since I became a Christian

over 14 years ago. And I can sum it all up with this…I'm a sinner, and

Jesus is my Savior. That makes me weep in grief and gratitude."

You, too?

As we head into the final third of our sermon series on tackling tough theological topics, toward the end of January and into early February, we'll be looking at:

  • How Could a Loving God Allow So Much Suffering?

  • How Could a Loving God Send People to Hell?

  • Is Pro-Life the Only Option For Christians?

Finally, here are the five hallmarks of Biblical Christianity:

1. Saved By…Grace Alone.

2. Through…Faith Alone.

3. By…Christ Alone.

4. According To…Scripture Alone.

5. For…God's Glory Alone.



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