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God Says I Am [10-13-19]

We ended last week with a question. It was a simple one. If you weren't here, here it is again:

What Would Surprise You to Hear God Say to You?

Think about it for a moment.

Maybe it's deeply loved. Some of you need to hear that. There are people who struggle with feelings of self-worth. You'd be surprised by the people you know who, outwardly, appear confident and put-together. But some of them, when you scratch beneath the surface, are dealing with feelings of low-self-worth. There are people who grew up in circumstances where nobody showed love for them. They were rejected. They were constantly criticized or put down. People they thought cared for them betrayed them. But God shows up in Jesus Christ and He says to them - He says to you - "I want you to understand how deeply loved you are." For God so loved you…You are deeply loved.

Perhaps you need to hear God say that you are a man of faith…a woman of faith. You're thinking, "God couldn't possibly be saying that about me." You look around, and you see others for whom that would apply, but not you. You don't deny you have strengths, but faith couldn't be one. You think to be called a person of faith, you have to be some kind of great spiritual warrior, rising above everyone else. But the Biblical truth is, God wants to change your little corner of His world through your faith.

If you don't think you can ever be a great person of faith, then you're the one who needs to hear God say it to you. You are a person of faith. Let's say that together: