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God's Gift of Hope [11-28-21]

November 28, 2021

"God's Gift of Hope"

Richard Sibbes was a Puritan theologian from about 400 years ago. Here's something he said:

When Times Are Bad, God Is Still Good.

That is the essence of hope.

Our hope isn't in our circumstances or our current situation. Our hope isn't tied to the economy or our health status. Our hope isn't in family or relationships or work. Our hope is in Christ and Christ alone.

Is watching "It's a Wonderful Life" part of your holiday tradition? As bumbling angel Clarence is given his assignment, the boss angel says, "You've got to help this guy George Bailey." Clarence then says, "What is it? Is he sick?" "No," says his boss, "it's worse than that. He's discouraged." Discouragement…hopelessness…is never a good thing.