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Glorious Day [12-4-22]

December 4, 2022

2 Thessalonians 1

"Glorious Day"

I love the varieties of music we use in worship. We do a beautiful blend of balance. Classic praise songs…contemporary…centuries old hymns…we close the door to nothing. God provides depth and breadth of music for His praise. The same goes for instruments. We utilize however God has equipped us. We've got wonderful people with hearts for Jesus and God-given musical ability. I especially love, during the Advent season, to have the piano and organ included in our worship. It all goes to the glory and honor of God.

I recently read an article about how, in the last generation or so, a lot of people thought you needed to draw in the unchurched through a more contemporary music and message style. It was part and parcel of the seeker sensitive model. But there was one glaring flaw. While the musical style might have attracted some, it didn't retain them or grow them spiritually. If anything, all it did was entertain. And it neglected the need to

disciple the whole Body of Christ.

What I love about Covenant Church is we take seriously our worship music. We're not trying to please everyone's musical tastes or make it easy or difficult to sing praises to God. We want to glorify God in song, deepen our understanding of our Christian faith with song, and unite us as we worship. I love the way we worship.