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Give Thanks to God in All Things

November 10, 2021

Leadership Notes

This past Sunday, November 7, we marked our approach to the communion table with these words of affirmation:

Christ drank the cup of God's wrath, that we might drink the streams of living water.

- Chance Faulkner

117 people were in worship this past Sunday. While we're not quite where we were pre-pandemic, we are slowly building back. Along the way, we've embraced a new way of doing choir, which has enhanced the worshipfulness of our singing. We've also started Tecumseh Cove Kids, where younger children are invited to a separate time of singing and Bible story and other God-focused, Christ-honoring activities, while I'm preaching. Some kids go, some stay, which is the way it's supposed to be. Parent's and kid's choice!

We will continue to simulcast our Sunday morning worship through a couple of different platforms, as well as making it available for delayed viewing. We could not be happier that people are staying connected to Covenant Church that way. A sad reality to all this is that, as studies have shown, there are some who will never return to in-person worship. I

believe that will be true of our church as well. It is something that weighs on my heart, especially as I am more concerned about people's walk with Jesus Christ than I am about worship numbers. If not Covenant Church {either in-person or online}, I hope people will connect with a community of believers somewhere.

Speaking of things weighing on my heart, is anyone else concerned about the push to get children under 11 vaccinated against covid-19? Please don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about medically vulnerable children who present one or more co-morbidities. Do you remember a time when Big Bird or any other Sesame Street Muppet was used to encourage a flu vaccine? If I remember correctly, the regular seasonal flu is more threatening to children than the coronavirus. I suppose parents will have to weigh the risks…covid-19 or a medical tre