Christmas Joy!

December 15, 2021

Leadership Notes

Some people plan a lot. Some plan a little. Whatever you are doing for Christmas, it will be a blessing to however many of you there are, wherever you are. Devoted followers of Jesus Christ know that no matter what their circumstances or situation, because of who Jesus is and why he was born, there is joy. That truth grips us.

The Mortimers will have a quiet Christmas weekend. Because of family circumstances, which many of you share in some way or another, our festivities will be stretched out over several days. While some folks will be in line returning Christmas gifts, we will probably just be opening ours. Truth be told, we kind of like the change of pace. The most important thing is, we will be together, with those we love and cherish most dearly. Because Christmas is about Jesus, however you celebrate, it's a beautiful thing.

As you anticipate gathering with family and friends, I trust it will be reasonable, responsible, and without fear. As a word of encouragement, to start with a little background info, my nephew's girlfriend is dual enrollment at Harvard Medical School, pursuing her M.D. and a PhD. in infectious diseases. Her lab {whose boss is married to the Director of the CDC} just finished some analysis on the Omicron variant. They have found that vaccines are very effective. Just more confirmation that the worst is behind us. Don't let the authoritarians and fear-mongers tell you otherwise. No one can steal our Christmas joy.

Gentle Reminder:

1. Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship @5:00.

2. This is a merry and bright time for year-end, extra giving.

As Always, Thank You For Your Ongoing, Generous Support Of The Mission And Ministry Of Covenant Church!

And finally, a reminder of what this beautiful season is about, via your Moment of Spurgeon:

We believe that if we are ever saved at all, we must be saved gratis -

saved as the gratuitous act of a bountiful God - saved by a gift, not by

wages - saved by God's love, not by our own doings or merits.

With Much Love and Affection,


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