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Celebrating Together [4-12-20]

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The coronavirus quarantine is something we introverts have been training for our whole lives. If you are an introvert, you have a sacred duty to safely check in on your extrovert friends. They are really challenged right now.

Ironically, as we've been looking at Thomas' response to the resurrection, we're up to the third thing we want to consider when dealing with doubt. This is something Thomas did that we don't want to do:

3. Don't withdraw from fellowship.

When things get back to normal, we'll embrace this Biblical truth once more.

So far, we've seen two things from Thomas on how to handle doubt the right way:

1. Admit your doubts.
2. Drop requirements for belief.

And now, we learn from Thomas something we don't want to do. Don't neglect being together with other believers. For the time being, technology has helped us hold on to a sense of that. Electronically, we are with other believers. While a temporary solution, it will never be able to replace the real things…worshiping with others and praying with others and enjoying fellowship with others. I miss the hugs and the handshakes and the fist bumps!

That first night in the upper room, when all the disciples were making sense of all that had happened, who wasn't there? Right…Thomas. He lived in misery for the next week because he wasn't there that first Easter night.