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Because We Are All God's Children

May 5, 2021

Leadership Notes

- Chris Stapleton {"I Was Wrong"} Edition -

Last week, I boldly claimed that Gabe Lewis was the creepiest character on "The Office." My wife has always insisted I was wrong. Over the weekend, we watched an episode with a Todd Packer storyline, and as she convincingly pointed out, yes, Todd Packer is creepier than Gabe Lewis. I was wrong. She has always been right!

Next, not so much a correction as an apology. When I used a fitting reference in Sunday's sermon to Archie Bunker, I shouldn't have assumed everybody knew the character I was referring to. As I said in the sermon, I knew a guy in high school who was a virulent racist. We ignored him like the plague. Years later, I ran into him while in college and he was a changed person. When Christ calls you, he changes you. I need to be more careful that we have a shared understanding. At least in 2021, if someone doesn't know the reference, a quick trip to the google machine brings clarity. Technology covers a multitude of communication sins.

As we move into summer, my hope is that we can remove the tape from our pews sometime in June. We're getting to the point where everyone who wants to receive the Covid-19 vaccine can get it. One city in Michigan is offering free food and gifts at their vaccine sites. In New Jersey, you can get a free beer with the vaccine - a shot for a shot. We are closing in on vaccination saturation.

If someone gets the vaccine, God bless them, it's their choice. If someone does not want the vaccine, God bless them, it's their choice. By now we all know the risks of getting one or not getting one. I think it's time to move on. Life is about assuming levels of risk. Whether one gets a vaccine or not, we are living within those risks.

Just when I needed it, Thom Rainer sent an email out about churches open