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Beauty Abounds

May 10, 2023

Leadership Notes

We are richly blessed by God to be a church here in this little corner of His world. He has put us in a place where we can serve each other and the people in our community. There is beauty here. There is space for doing what God calls and equips us to do. Covenant Church is richly blessed.

We are richly blessed by God to be a church here in Michigan. Who could not be happy with our geographic location this time of year? Heck, who am I kidding? I’d say that 365, whatever time of year we’re in. Beauty abounds. Love it here at the 42°0′ 22″ N, 83°56′ 58″ W.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day of worship and fellowship. Celebrate Recovery hosted a Siete de Mayo taco lunch after worship. It was nice to see so many people stay, enjoying good food and conversation. As I was getting ready to leave, walking down the hallway to get my raincoat from my office, I stood silent to listen as waves of laughter and conversation wafted down from the fellowship hall. It was almost as beautiful as our singing in worship just two hours prior.

I thank God daily for how much you love Jesus…for how much you love each other…for how warmly you welcome new people…for the laughter and crying of infants and toddlers in worship…for your generosity, which makes ministry possible…for God’s grace and mercy as He gives us the privilege of sharing life together. To paraphrase Paul, every day I thank God in every remembrance of you.

And now, your Moment of Spurgeon:

“Long ago I ceased to count heads. Truth is usually in the minority

in this evil world!”

Striving to Always be of Good Cheer,


For those who read to the end, a most excellent Bonus Spurgeon:

“Tranquil and happy, though very weak. My theology is very

simple. I can express it in few words and they are enough to die

by. Jesus died for me.”

- His last recorded words. He died on January 31, 1892.

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