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Are you Thirsty?

Sermon Title - Are You Thirsty

John 7

For the next two weeks, we'll look at how Jesus Christ came into our world to quench our spiritual thirst. Our focus will be on John 7.

Let's start with how it's part of our fallen nature to quench our thirst in less than God-honoring ways. Here's a true, yet quirky, cautionary tale.

Years ago, Brandon and Suzy won a contest. It was a recycling contest. It was during a time when the push was on to recycle 2-liter pop bottles. The contest was to see who could return the most 2-liter bottles over a certain amount of time. Brandon and Suzy won it hands down. They turned in over 1000 2-liter bottles. The grand prize…$2500.

Here's where things get weird. Every single 2-liter bottle they turned in was Shasta Diet Cola. Apparently, that's all they drank. They averaged between 10-15 bottles a day. That's a lot of Shasta Diet Cola. It took their advertising slogan - "It Hasta be Shasta" - to the extreme. So extreme, in fact, they kept bed pans beside their bed at night and a port-a-potty in their car. Brandon and Suzy confessed, "If we couldn't get it we'd probably feel that we'd died." That is one serious cola habit.