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An Imperfect Servant Church [7-21-19]

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

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We've been talking about how we serve. Here are the first two principles for Biblical servanthood:

First, a servant loves.
Second, servants are strong.

The third piece is

Servants serve imperfect people.

Or, to put is more precisely, servants are imperfect people serving other imperfect people.

You know what would make servanthood easier? If people were perfect. If people were always likeable. If people were never jerks. I tell you what, that would make my job a lot easier. If I didn't have to deal with imperfect people. And it would certainly make me a better pastor; if I weren't an imperfect person. It would be better for you if you had a perfect pastor. But no such things exist. Servants are imperfect people serving other imperfect people.

Think about it. When he washed their feet, Jesus knew who he was. He knew what he was about to do…die on the cross for them, because of their sin. Jesus was perfect. They were not. Jesus knew who he was and he knew who they were. Think about it. Knowing these things, Jesus washed their feet. Imperfect feet. Loud mouths. Braggarts. Betrayers. Doubters. Cowards. All of them. Jesus washed their feet.

Chuck Swindoll, a great Bible teacher, calls it

a room of proud hearts and dirty feet.

When I think about this moment, in the back of my mind I wonder what it would have been like to be there. Knowing what we know about Jesus…the disciples were slowly understanding but not there yet…knowing what we know, what would it have felt like to have Jesus wash your feet? We know Jesus was going to the cross the next day. We know Judas was going to betray him. We know Peter was going to deny knowing him. We know Thomas was going to doubt him. What would that be like? Throw us, with all our sins, faults, and foibles in there,