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A Servant Church [6-30-19]

Updated: Aug 7, 2019


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Today we're going to talk about the picture of a servant. Jesus knew that what we think a servant is and what he wants us to understand about servanthood are two different things. So here in John 13, Jesus paints a vivid picture of what a servant is.

As we move into John 13, we're going to enter one of the most glorious sections of the Bible. It begins in the Upper Room, where Jesus gathers with his disciples on the night before his death. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the Lord's Supper is the focus in the Upper Room. John doesn't focus on the Lord's Supper. His focus is on what Jesus says. Remember, this is the night before the last day of Jesus' earthly life. It's really important for John to accurately record these final hours. The exciting part of John 13-17 is we get to hear what everybody is talking about. We get to hear everything that's going on. We are invited in to these significant moments. We get to hear what is said and what happens.

These are powerful chapters with powerful truths. I recently read where someone speculates that John 10:10 reads like an outline of the book of John. If you remember, here's John 10:10:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

What two things are most evident in that passage? Right…to have life and to have is abundantly. Eternal life and abundant life. Flowing out of 10:10, here's how John divides up. Chapters 1-12 describe how to have eternal life. We see it in Jesus' conversation with the woman at the well and in his conversation with Nicodemus and then when he raises Lazarus from the dead and says I am the resurrection and the life. As we've seen, for the Christian, eternal life begins the moment you hear Jesus calling you by name, and you know that he died on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. That's eternal life. That's where John takes us up through chapter 12. And then the rest of John, from chapters 13-17, outlines how we can have abundant life.

Based on the Biblical understanding of eternal life I just shared, most of you here this morning have eternal life in Jesus Christ {Amen?} You are a believer already in Jesus Christ. So let me ask you…and I want you to think honestly and deeply about your answer: