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A Different Viewpoint

September 18, 2019

Leadership Notes

With the soon-to-be crisp autumn days almost here, apple orchards and pumpkin patches are preparing for bushels of fruit pickers and gourd grabbers. I wonder if people realize the same apples and pumpkins are available for a lot less hassle at their local supermarket.

Camille Paglia is my go-to liberal feminist academic and social critic. Her writing amuses, fascinates and challenges me. While an atheist, she has a grasp of the Christian faith that tells me {when writing about religion} she knows what she is talking about.

At the rebellious age of 15, during religious instruction class at the school she attended, Paglia asked the nun this question:

"If God is infinitely forgiving, is it possible that at some point in the future He'll forgive Satan?"

According to Paglia, the nun's face reddened as she condemned her for even asking such a question.

Paglia still asks the inconvenient questions. As a college professor, as she observes where our culture is now, she observes; "Now we have this endless privileging of victimhood, with a pathological vulnerability seen as the default human mode." As a teacher of undergraduates, Paglia despairs at how "bad it is for young people, filled with fears, to be raised in this kind of climate where personal responsibility isn't spoken of."