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If you have any questions at all, please email or text Ben Nichols


In order to maximize artist exposure as well as allow patrons to prepare for the silent auction, a constantly updated photo gallery will go here once submissions start coming in.

Topic 1

My Post - 2020-07-13T145159.247.jpg

God - the Creator of everything - is an infinite mystery Who has chosen to love us and has given us the privilege of loving Him back. 

Topic 2

My Post - 2020-07-13T145409.574.jpg

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s sin.

Topic 3

My Post - 2020-07-13T145233.093.jpg

Even while suffering the full wrath of God, hanging on the cross, tortured by His beloved creation, Jesus held creation together.

Topic 4

My Post - 2020-07-13T145335.161.jpg

You can’t be hit by a logging truck and not be changed. What’s bigger, a logging truck or God?

Topic 5

My Post - 2020-07-13T145139.766.jpg

When we have a better understanding of the gospel we won’t have to be told to “go”, we’ll have to be held back.

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