What is it and how does it work?

What is this?

This is a Bible study that has been put together specifically for artists in any discipline that can be displayed visually. The theme that ties it together is "The Gospel" and is split up into five topics. The intent is for you to examine each topic and respond to it in your particular artform (painting, sculpture, prose, poetry, cross stitch, card making etc.). At the end of the study October there will be a salon style exhibition at Covenant Church (as well as online).

When will we meet?

We will not meet in person before the exhibition in October. All interactions until then will be virtual; either through this website or one of five zoom sessions that are scheduled to take place in the upcoming weeks.

How will this work?

This Bible Study is designed to work with any artist, from those who love solitude and peace to those who love input and conversation. Interact in whatever way is comfortable for you and will inspire your creativity in the topics provided. Your artwork, showcased at the exhibition in October, should be a response to the Bible Study wihich is organized as follows:

  • There are five topics listed on the Bible Study page
  • Each topic consists of a guiding idea, simple words and phrases, relevant scriptures and a brief meditation.
  • Each topic is hosted on Covenant's blog under the category Artist Bible Study. This allows artists to use the comment section to share your own thoughts and inspirations when it's convenient for you. (comments are approved by a moderator).
  • Respond with your artwork and submit it to the exhibition to be held in October.

Explain the Exhibition and Silent Auction.

There will be an exhibition in the large multi-purpose room of Covenant Church in October of this year. It will include a reception tentatively scheduled for October 18th from 6pm to 8pm. Social distancing and masks will be required. In an effort to help artists not only grow deeper in their faith, but to help support them in a concrete way, a silent auction will be part of the exhibition. The Exhibition will work as follows:

  • Each artist is welcome to frame their work and offer input on curation.
  • Unframed artwork will still be shown.
  • The Exhibition will run for two weekends. The times will be scheduled according to the availability of volunteers to host.
  • The reception will be live streamed via the church website, YouTube and Facebook for those unable to attend (these virtual attendees will be able to bid as well via the church website or the live stream comments).
The Silent Auction will work as follows:
  • The silent auction will begin the Monday before the exhibition and will run online via this webpage.
  • Bids will be accepted the entire two weeks until the culmination of the end of the reception on Oct 18th at 8pm.
  • Each artist is welcome to put their work into the auction - there is no fee.
  • Each artist is welcome to indicate a minimum bid.
  • Each artist keeps 100% of the money for their work.

How do I submit my artwork?

There are three important steps to submitting your artwork:

  1. Use the "Registration" link on the webpage (or click here) to join the bible study. You are welcome to examine all the topics before you commit to joining if you like. You only need to register once.
  2. Use the "Submit Artwork" link on the webpage (or click here) to fill out a registration for for each individual piece. This is imperative for planning the the curation of the gallery. One form needs to be submitted for each piece.
  3. Use the "Submit Photo" link on the webpage (or click here) to email a photo of your completed piece for inclusion in the online silent auction as well as to help plan curation of the gallery. You need to submit a photo for each separate piece. They can be submitted together or individually. However is easiest.
NOTE: Photos should be sent as .jpg or .png as soon as they're available. The minimum resolution should be 2000 wide or 2000 tall, maximum should be 4000 wide or 4000 tall.

What if I have a piece I've already done that I would like to submit?

Please do!

Can I submit more than one piece on a given topic?


What are your content guidelines? Will my work be censored?

This is a Christian project that is open to the public. We recognize that the bible deals with some pretty raw stuff. We also recognize children may attend the exhibit. With that in mind we will refuse to display:

  • Any work depicting nudity
  • Any work celebrating anti-Christian sentiments
The curator also reserves the right to limit the showing of work that might be considered appropriate for the topic, but inappropriate for children. These works will still be displayed in a separate area (both at the exhibition and online) and can be seen by adults. Children will not be allowed in this area.

If you have any questions at all, please email or text Ben Nichols

Zoom Schedule

Topic 1 and welcome

Saturday, Jul 25 at 11am

Monday, Jul 27 6pm

Topic 2

Saturday, Aug 8 at 11am

Monday, Aug 10 6pm

Topic 3

Saturday, Aug 22 at 11am

Monday, Aug 24 6pm

Topic 4

Saturday, Sep 5 at 11am

Monday, Sep 7 6pm

Topic 5

Saturday, Sep 19 at 11am

Monday, Sep 21 6pm

(The zoom meeting ID and Passcode will be sent to you upon registration. If you lose them or forget them, please text or email me.)


In order to maximize artist exposure as well as allow patrons to prepare for the silent auction, a constantly updated photo gallery will go here once submissions start coming in.

Topic 1

My Post - 2020-07-13T145159.247.jpg

God - the Creator of everything - is an infinite mystery Who has chosen to love us and has given us the privilege of loving Him back. 

Topic 2

My Post - 2020-07-13T145409.574.jpg

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s sin.

Topic 3

My Post - 2020-07-13T145233.093.jpg

Even while suffering the full wrath of God, hanging on the cross, tortured by His beloved creation, Jesus held creation together.

Topic 4

My Post - 2020-07-13T145335.161.jpg

You can’t be hit by a logging truck and not be changed. What’s bigger, a logging truck or God?

Topic 5

My Post - 2020-07-13T145139.766.jpg

When we have a better understanding of the gospel we won’t have to be told to “go”, we’ll have to be held back.