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    If you've never worshipped with us before, we promise not to hold that against you. Feel free to come visit, or if you prefer, we'll answer any questions you may have via phone, email or text. (We used to offer communication via smoke signals but that proved ineffective) After an engaging and delightful correspondence, we'll look for you at whichever service you decide to attend. If you like, we'll also give you a tour of the building and introduce you around to help break the ice and make you feel welcome. You can also click here to learn way more about our church than you could ever possibly want to know!
  • Children
    Kids at Covenant Church learn about Jesus, develop friendships and get involved. If you have tiny people, we have a nursery for 0 to 5 year olds. We also offer Sunday School for school age children during our fall-spring season. [We promise not to get them hopped up on skittles and mountain dew before sending them home with you.]
  • Adults
    Covenant Church isn't big on pretense. We carefully hold essentials - God, the Bible, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, etc. - tightly. We carefully hold non-essentials - Music style, clothing style, hair style, etc. - not at all. God loves you exactly as you are. It would be shameful for us to do less. Come grow with us.

If you have any questions at all, please email or text Ben Nichols


In order to maximize artist exposure as well as allow patrons to prepare for the silent auction, a constantly updated photo gallery will go here once submissions start coming in.

Topic 1

My Post - 2020-07-13T145159.247.jpg

God - the Creator of everything - is an infinite mystery Who has chosen to love us and has given us the privilege of loving Him back. 

Topic 2

My Post - 2020-07-13T145409.574.jpg

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s sin.

Topic 3

My Post - 2020-07-13T145233.093.jpg

Even while suffering the full wrath of God, hanging on the cross, tortured by His beloved creation, Jesus held creation together.

Topic 4

My Post - 2020-07-13T145335.161.jpg

You can’t be hit by a logging truck and not be changed. What’s bigger, a logging truck or God?

Topic 5

My Post - 2020-07-13T145139.766.jpg

When we have a better understanding of the gospel we won’t have to be told to “go”, we’ll have to be held back.

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