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We Are Strangers in a Strange Land

February 9, 2022

Leadership Notes

Starting next week, and running for seven consecutive weeks, in these weekly missives, I will share details of the seven letters to the seven churches in The Revelation to John that did not make it into the previous Sunday's message. I'm really looking forward to it.

One of the things to remember about The Revelation to John is that it is both a culturally and politically subversive book. It is written for people who are strangers living in a strange land. Too often, evangelical/ conservative Christians have identified with the Republican Party. Too often, progressive/liberal Christians have identified with the Democratic Party. But we are above Party Politics. We are strangers living in a strange land.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we pursue uncomplicated, God-honoring worship, love for each other, and being light in the places we live. We do the best that is humanly possible to not divide each other into ideological camps. For example, from the start of the pandemic, we said we were going to be reasonable, rational, and unafraid, trusting each person and family to decide what was best for them as far as masks, vaccines, and sheltering-in-place go. We wanted to avoid such identifiers as masked/unmasked and vaccinated/unvaccinated. When and how people return to regular worship is between them and God.

With Galatians 5:22-23 as our template, we share life, beliefs, conversation, challenges, things that are right about us and things we get wrong, all in pursuit of deeper truth and greater understanding, on the way to refining our Biblical worldview. That is a good thing.

Something The Revelation to John makes clear is that we are strangers living in a strange land. If anything, by nature we strive to be counter-cultural. It is not about party loyalty or affiliation. We ought to stand for no one, except for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are definitely things not to like about our culture. Today I was struck by som