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We Are a Worshiping Community of God

January 31, 2024

Leadership Notes

     You people drive me crazy. To put it even more strongly, you’ve let me down again! {Please don’t stop reading here.}


     When that massive freeze hit earlier in January, that Sunday when it was below zero, it being shortly after the holidays, I figured worship attendance would be light. Andy Stephens, one of our tech guys, gets here early on Sunday morning. So, we were talking about the weather, including my pessimistic outlook for worship attendance. Waging a gentlemen’s bet, I set the over/under for worship attendance at 65. I picked under; Andy, over. And over we were…at 87. My pessimism wasn’t rewarded. Take your best shot at analyzing me in all this.

     Fast forward to this past Sunday, the 28th. Weather – bad. Roads – bad. My outlook – remained pessimistic. I set the over/under {based on earlier outcomes} higher at 85. Again, I picked the under. Andy, again, optimistic soul that he is, picked the over. And again, you let me down. We were at 122. Once again, analyze me at will.

     I love the wonderful worshiping community God is building here at Covenant Church. We are richly blessed by Him. I also love the reports I get about people worshiping online. The numbers are strong. The reasons are varied. And the geographical locations are hither-and-yon. Jesus is glorified.

     Next in my expression of superlatives is how much I love the way this community of faith lingers after worship. We are sharing in life together. Whether it’s brief words of encouragement or meaningful conversation, it is a beautiful thing to see and hear. As we were leaving, my wife commented on what a positive thing it is to see the interactions going on throughout our building. You have no idea how much this warms my heart!

     And now, your Moment of Spurgeon:

“We must love if we are begotten of God all those who are also born of God.”

Always Striving to be of Good Cheer,


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