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The Verdict [2-2-20]

February 2, 2020

"The Verdict"

Over the past several weeks, we've covered the arrest and the trial of Jesus. We ended last week looking at the rejection of Jesus, and why people would do that. Some people reject the change Jesus brings to our lives. We left off with a little homework. It was set up with this observation:

If I'm going to grow, then I have to embrace the change Jesus brings to my life.

I invited you to think of three things God wanted you to change about your life. Not things you wanted to change about other people. But yourself. Maybe it was a habit. Maybe it was an attitude. Maybe it was your job or a toxic relationship you needed to let go of. Maybe it was a new, healthy habit God was nudging you to develop. Maybe it was that sin you were holding on to that's not hurting anyone, and became like a pet. A pet sin. Maybe you've spread yourself too thin and you needed to cut back. I asked you to think of three things God wanted you to change in your life.

If you took that challenge, you were probably surprised at the great sense of joy it brought to your life. You saw what God was up to in your life.

In chapter 18, we've seen Jesus on trial. He appeared before the religious authorities. He appeared before Pilate, the political authority. Finally, in the midst of those two trials, Jesus appeared before Peter.

A subtle sense of a trial happened with Peter. In the garden we saw Peter defending Jesus. He cut off a guy's ear. He was surrounded Roman soldiers. And he drew his sword to attack them. Not the brightest move recorded in the Bible. But there was a sense of stupid courage in it. Peter was willing to risk something horrible in order to defend Jesus.