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Thank You!

Dear Friends and Members of Covenant Church:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generous giving. When we began this adventure of forming a new church in the greater Tecumseh area 7 years ago, we knew it was God's purpose for our community of faith. And so, we knew God would provide for His ministry. As we read in John 17, where Jesus prays for his church, it's overwhelming to think that Jesus was praying for us as we stepped out in 2012 to be a new church. Jesus is praying for us right now. And when you financially support the ministry here at Covenant Church, you are an answer to Jesus' prayer. Let that sink in for a minute. YOUR GENEROSITY IS AN ANSWER TO JESUS' PRAYER!

Someone once said, "Satan hates Humility, Sonship, Scripture, and Worship. He will do all he can to eat away at them, like an acid." Without a doubt, the devils hates Covenant Church. He hates you. I love how you feed his hatred by loving each other, loving our community, treasuring Jesus Christ above all others, being devoted students of the Bible, and worshiping God with such true and joyful hearts.

As I see how beautifully God is working in your lives, I look forward to 2020 with excitement, joy, and wonder at how God's plans will unfold before us.

In the Fullness of His Love,


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