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Random Thoughts

October 7, 2020

Leadership Notes

And now for something completely different…random thoughts:

How someone responds to news that the President tested positive for Covid-19 can be a window into the heart. People have said, posted, and reposted some iffy stuff!

As in-person worship continues to grow, we are making plans to accommodate more people in responsible ways. I've got a hunch we'll see increases continue through the holiday season. As always, we are careful, cautious, and unafraid.

Speaking of unafraid, someone quipped that the new ethos seems to be we need to be afraid of everything, all the time. And if you say you're not afraid, then you are a science-denier who is insensitive to the pain and suffering that is all around you. I like the old way: "We have nothing to fear but…"

One man writes:

There are a hundred reasons to be anxious and fearful today. But there are ten thousand reasons to be hopeful and grateful for what God is doing and has already done in Jesus Christ.

- Nate Pickowicz

Here's what Charles H. Spurgeon said about contentment: