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Random Thoughts

June 17, 2020

Leadership Notes

During these long months of quarantine, I tried to come up with a social distancing joke. Couldn't even come close.

With that out of the way, on to other random thoughts:

* I know many of us are excited about the return to in-person worship. I hope we can all take a respectfully demure approach these first several weeks. If you're a hugger, hand-shaker, fist-bumper, or high-fiver, let's move carefully forward. Even if you think the whole Covid-19 threat has been over-hyped, out of concern for all people, let's tread gingerly here. Please don't misunderstand. My intention isn't to be bossy; I simply want to raise awareness about not rushing into things too soon.

* I also know that many of us are a wee bit hesitant to be in larger gatherings. I appreciate that concern. So, come the 21st, some will want to wear masks in worship. Some will want to limit contact with others. Some will want to enter and exit the building quietly and discreetly. We need to honor and respect those feelings. Heck, we need to honor and respect where each person is at right now. I don't think that's a bad thing.

Of course, we will continue to live stream our worship services. How good it is when God's people gather together for worship!

* An Idaho church has decided to remove Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a stained-glass window in its sanctuary. Apparently, when the church was built in 1960 the church decided to depict certain historic figures in their windows. The stained glass also features George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. When I read the story, my immediate thought was here's a church that might be confused about its mission or ministry. What's their purpose and message? What do they exist for? Are elaborate stained-glass windows overplayed?