Our World View is Different

June 10, 2020

Leadership Notes

As 1 Peter says, we are aliens and strangers in this land. Our worldview is different. God's Word directs our beliefs and attitudes and actions. We think differently from others. I had no idea, as Ben and I planned our summer sermon series, how rapidly changing events would make a Biblical way for thinking so critical to understanding what's happening around us.

I'm reading a book by Costi W. Hinn, "God, Greed, and the {Prosperity} Gospel: How Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies." As he writes about being firmly rooted in the Bible, Hinn notes that culture is built to distract us from that Truth. And some of those distractions sound good and can sort of make sense. As Paul warns, we all have "itching ears." Hinn then quotes evangelical Anglican Bishop J.C. Ryle {who died June 10, 1900}, who cautioned against false doctrines subtly camouflaged by layers of truth:

Now this "subtlety," St. Paul tells us, is precisely what we have to fear in false doctrine.

We are not to expect it to approach our minds in the garment of error, but in the form of truth. Bad coin would never obtain currency if it had not some likeness to good. The wolf would seldom get into the fold if he did not enter it in sheep's clothing…Satan is far too wise a general to manage a campaign in such as fashion as this.

In 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Paul writes, "It is true that we live in the world, but we do not fight from worldly motives. The weapons we use in our fight are not the world's weapons but God's powerful weapons, which we use to destroy strongholds." As Colin Miller said in an opinion piece in "The Christian Post," "The church (black and white) needs to repent and come together and pray for our country and world." Amen?

Here are some passing thoughts:

* R.C. Sproul - "The power is in the Word of God, not in methods."

* Pastor Reagan Rose - "Compassion without truth isn't love, it's flattery. Love not only weeps, it also speaks."

* James 1:19-20 - "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God."

* Christian Author/Speaker Samuel Sey - "Two years ago, John MacArthur said social justice ideology is the most subtly dangerous threat to the Church in his 50 years of ministry. Two years later, social justice ideology is destroying souls, cities, and churches. And many of us are still shrugging it off."

* Pastor Burk Parsons - "I want to hate my sins more than I hate the sins of others who sin differently than I do."

* Also, Samuel Sey - "A white woman called me a racist today. She says because I don't agree with her leftist positions, I hate black people."

* John MacArthur - "Worship happens when I understand the depths from which I have been redeemed."

* Hymn writer Johann Cruger - "Jesus, priceless Treasure,/Source of purest pleasure,/Truest friend to me./Long my heart hath panted,/Till it well nigh fainted,/Thirsting after Thee./Thine I am, O Spotless Lamb,/I suffer naught to hide Thee,/Ask for naught beside Thee."

What a joy and privilege it is to be studying Paul's letter to the Romans right

now. This is the Solid Rock on which we stand. All other ground is sinking sand. I

close with one more from Samuel Sey:

"Mourn with those who mourn. Love and comfort those who mourn. But do not twist Scripture to manipulate others into agreeing with sinful reactions and false teachings from those who mourn. We can mourn and speak the truth in love at the same time."

With love, affection, and good cheer,


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