Leadership Notes, July 24, 2019

I really stepped in it with some folks this past Sunday. We were wrapping up the section in John's Gospel describing the foot washing in the Upper Room. Unlike the Lord's Supper, foot washing is not commanded by Jesus. It was simply an example of humble servanthood. I made the point that, as much as I dislike feet {with a touch of hyperbole thrown in}, if it had been commanded by Jesus {as often as you gather, do this, remembering me} I would do it.

Please understand. Not liking feet is my quirk. It doesn't have anything to do with anyone else. By all means, wear all the sandals you want, any time of the year. It's your business, not mine. No doubt, some folks have beautiful, well-maintained feet. God bless you from the top of your heads to your tippy-tippy toes. The last thing I would ever want to do would be make anyone self-conscious over his or her lovely feet.

In the front of my mind, every time I preach, are two important things:

Ø A personal story or event or anecdote obscuring the message. Which is why I try to be very judicious about such things.

Ø That the Biblical point being illustrated, not the illustration itself, is what is talked about and/or remembered most.

Preaching, like all of life, is really a balancing act. I will always try to keep both feet on the ground.

Be of Good Cheer,


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