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Leadership Notes 6/21/2019

June 21, 2019

Leadership Notes

Happy Summer! Seasons are about changes. How things look changes. How it feels outside changes. The smells of summer are different than other times of the year. We look different…clothing, complexion, and increasing levels of physical activity toning winter bodies. Summer impacts the ebb and flow of our lives.

Summer also affects church. We switch gears for worship. Vacation Bible School is our big children's education event in the summer. While, when looking at the three month block of June-August, worship attendance dips slightly, because we combine into one 10:00 a.m. service, it is not noticeable. In fact, every summer, I get more than a few comments about how nice it would be if we could increase sanctuary seating so we could have one worship service throughout the year.

I have known pastors who push back against the more distracted pace of summer church life. In other words, they plan and program ways to outsmart the rhythms of warmer months. The reality is, our culture presents three specific challenges to the church. Increases in consumeristic behavior in culture negatively affects the church. Secularization in culture negatively affects the church. And a general business in culture negatively affects the church. These three cultural realities are especially magnified in the summer.

I am a devout agnostic in regard to the impact of pushing against the realities of summer life and how it effects the church. In the case of summer, I'm a go with the flow kind of person. People will participate in the life of the church or they won't. We will continue to focus on loving and worshiping and praising and honoring God 52 Sundays a year; loving and serving each other; and loving and serving our community. I love how well the people of Covenant Church do those things.

I can't live other people's lives. I can't dictate, direct, or determine lifestyle choices or worship habits. I can offer my best for God's glory every week I am here.

Jesus Love You and I Love You,


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