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Leadership Note May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

Last weekend {Mother's Day weekend} I did something I find both morally repugnant and ethically reprehensible. Shame on me. I turned our heat back on at home. It's the middle of May. No way should I do that. And by extension, the heat was on {cue Glenn Frey song from "Beverly Hills Cop" soundtrack} here at church Sunday morning. I told my wife {who is more lovingly patient with me then you can ever imagine} that I figured there must be something in the Bible against having the heat on this late into May. Her thermostatic sensitivities won the day. We had heat.

I can't make any guarantees about Sundays between May 19 and the last Sunday in September. The heat is off!

On another note, I'm sure some of you have heard that Greg Lewis {Covenant Church member and Ruling Elder} has accepted the position of Interim Superintendent for Tecumseh Public Schools. Greg has a heart for the children of Tecumseh Public Schools. I know you will be praying for him. I would also like to respectfully request that you honor Sunday morning as his time to worship. Let's make this a school-business-free zone on Sunday morning. Just as we don't want to bring church business to the attention of our Office Manager on Sunday morning, let's do the same for Greg and his family. Thanks for your gracious understanding.

Warmer Days Are Ahead,


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