Upside Down Exercise

Handstand pushups are incredible feats of strength. Do one. Video or it doesn't count.

Murder Mystery

Create a human chalk outline on your driveway, sidewalk or street. Bonus points for nosy neighbors included in photo. Invite them to play the game.

Slam Dunk

You're an NBA superstar. Throw down a thunderous slam Dunk. Obviously, a real slam dunk in a real basketball hoop would be preferable. Especially in a real NBA game. However, we’ll accept a reasonable facsimile provided you really sell it. Get creative.

Gone Fishin'

Take a picture or record a video of a teammate fishing anywhere but an actual place to catch a fish. So rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans are no good. Fountains, bathtubs and mud puddles are great. Bonus points for actually catching a fish.

Network King

"Find a friend or friend of a friend (or so on) who lives in a different country. Have them send a picture with today's date and "hello from" wherever they are. Bonus points for including a recognizable landmark."

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