Play some hopscotch. Bonus points for a video of a kid younger than 18 doing it. Extra bonus points for an adult dressed as a baby doing it. IMPORTANT MISSION SPECIFIC RULE: You may not use the internet to learn how to play hopscotch. If you don’t know how, call a parent or grandparent to learn the rules. Bonus points for doing it on your hands.


Show off your parkour skills. Snap a picture of a team member jumping over an object in style. Bonus points for each person who participates. IMPORTANT MISSION SPECIFIC RULE: You may not use the internet to learn what parkour is. If you don’t know, call a child or grandchild.


Find someone who can juggle 3 or more objects. Record them in action. Video or it doesn't count. bonus points for each object past 3. There will be no bonus points awarded for destruction, dismemberment or worse, so please no chain saws, axes, knives or nuclear devices.


Find a non relative who looks just like a team member. Bonus points to the greatest likeness. Must include photos of both, preferably with the same expression.

Low Budget Cars Movie In 3D

Photo or video your team eating popcorn while seated by a street watching traffic go by. Maintain social distancing standards at all times and definitely don’t throw things at the screen. Bonus points for 3D glasses.


Create a real life meme. Make it interesting. Feel free to copy one from the internet. Bonus points for making it appropriate to Covenant Church.

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